Metromed International Cardiac Centre (MICC)

With 200 beds dedicated to heart care, Metromed International Cardiac Centre (MICC) is Kerala's first and largest unique Cardiac Specialty Hospital ever since its establishment in 2012. For critical care, we offer two coronary care units and two postoperative ICUs with a total of 50 beds. The most complex and challenging procedures are done here. The OT Complex, which includes five operations suits, is equipped with HEPA filters and laminar flow infections that meet international requirements. MICC has the most prominent cardiac care procedure centre in Kerala.

At MICC all the advanced technologies and procedures are introduced at the earliest, which is achieved by the regular visits of the renowned faculties from Japan, the USA, the UK as part of our International Partnership Program. MICC is one of the best heart hospitals in India. Specialised in providing a multitude of treatments and procedures in Cardiothoracic, Cardiology and Minimally Invasive surgery.

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Some historical achievements of MICC in cardiac treatment:

  • First Heart Transplant in the Malabar region.
  • First Micra Leadless Pacemaker in Kerala.
  • First Heart Failure Clinic in Malabar region.
  • First Shock Wave Lithotripsy & Rotatripsy in Malabar.
  • First 3D Mapping Electrophysiology Lab in Malabar region.
  • First LAA (Left Arterial Appendage Closer) treatment in Kerala.
  • First Cryoablation treatment in Kerala.

Owing to these achievements, MICC is considered as one of the top heart hospital in India with the best cardiologists in Kerala.

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