Paediatric Cardiology And Paediatric Cardiac Surgery

Paediatric Cardiac Surgery

Being told there could be something wrong with your child’s heart is a very distressing and scary situation. That’s when you want the best expert advice and state-of-the-art care for your child along with empathetic counselling.

At Metromed International Cardiac centre, our Paediatric Cardiac Services (Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery) deals with the diagnosis and treatment of all kinds of children's heart problems including:

  • those present from birth, known as congenital heart disease
  • those that develop after birth, known as acquired heart disease
  • rhythm disturbances

  • Our services

  • Care for children from before they are born (foetal life) through to childhood and into adulthood - Foetal Cardiology
  • offer counselling to parents when they are diagnosed to have a child who may be born with congenital heart disease.
  • offers both outpatient heart services and inpatient services, with dedicated inpatient beds used for planned and urgent treatment
  • have dedicated neonatal and paediatric intensive care unit.
  • Wherever feasible we offer minimally invasive and interventional treatment for children with heart disease to avoid a scar and early recovery.

  • We run screening clinics for those with symptoms suggestive of a heart disorder. Typical referrals include children with a murmur picked up incidentally, palpitations, sudden loss of consciousness, and those with a documented defect on echocardiography or ECG

Paediatric Cardiac Intervention and Surgery, we do here include:


  • ASD device closure
  • VSD device closure
  • PDA device closure
  • Ballon pulmonary valvotomy
  • Coarctation stenting and ballooning
  • Balloon aortic valvotomy
  • PDA stenting
  • RVOT stenting


  • ASD surgical closure
  • Sternotomy/Thoracotomy/Minimally invasive
  • VSD surgical closure
  • Tetralogy of Fallot repair
  • Arterial switch operation
  • TAPVC repair
  • BT shunt/ Glenn operations
  • Fontan operations

Our Anaesthesia and Intensive care department takes great pride in taking care of these children and we follow ERAS (Early recovery after surgery) principles enabling us to fast track most cases and early extubation in 70% of cases. Our Nursing department has personnel with experience and passion to manage critically ill new-borns and infants.

Grown up congenital heart disease (GUCH) / Adult Congenital Heart disease (ACHD)

There are times when congenital heart disease is detected late in the adolescence or adulthood and when treatment is delayed due to various circumstances. Along with that some children have had a heart surgery or intervention in childhood and have become adults now. Our paediatric cardiac services team up with the eminent adult cardiologist including electrophysiology and heart failure experts and eminent adult cardiac surgeon in providing teambased counselling and treatment for this group of patients. Team based treatment for this group include Device closures, minimally invasive cardiac surgery, Hybrid procedures, Palliative surgeries, Heart and Heart-lung transplantation. Specialised Pulmonary Hypertension Clinics helps in managing the adults with congenital heart disease who have become pulmonary hypertension, so that excellent palliation can be achieved in this group of patients.